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Ross is the President, Founder and General Counsel of VIP Social. Prior to starting VIP Social, Ross was a business litigator and real estate attorney who was constantly approached by makeshift digital marketing agencies that couldn't deliver on their promises. 

Ever passionate about professional growth, Ross started VIP Social in order to help lawyers,  doctors, accountants, architects, real estate brokers and other professionals generate brand recognition and attain new clients through Facebook & Instagram Hyper Targeted Advertising campaigns. 

VIP Social is a culmination of Ross' professional wherewithal and creative marketing talents; a trusted advisor who meets an online client generation tactician.  

Whether your company is looking for a boost in lead generation, is just getting its feet off the ground, or is struggling to bring in enough revenue to cover overhead, Ross is here to listen to your needs, concerns and hopes for your business, and generate a results-driven marketing plan that will bring you measurable results through industry-specific hyper-targeted & customized marketing campaigns.


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