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VIP Social is a premier social media marketing agency here to assist with exponentially expanding your business' growth and brand recognition. By utilizing social media platforms, email marketing and targeted advertising techniques, VIP Social provides cost-effective linear strategies designed to greatly increase your company's market exposure, revenue stream and clientele base.
Why wait to become our VIP? Let us take the marketing burden off your shoulders and act as your VIP marketing agents.



Facebook Advertising

What's your target audience?

We are not just social media managers. We generate leads and create effective advertising content. Whether you are focusing on lead generation, branding, e-commerce, restaurant traffic, or mobile app installs, Facebook is equipped with over 100 targeting options such as demographic information, custom audiences, user interests and retargeting methods that allow us to effectively advertise to your niche-specific audiences.


Personalized Video Brand Stories

What drives you?

We take a personal interest in each and every VIP client that knocks on our virtual door. We consider the background of your company, the personalities that personify it, and the intended value your company brings to the market en route to creating personalized brand stories through shared video content. The Personalized Brand Story captures the essence of the passion behind your company's success.


Social Media

All memes are not created equal.

Social media Platforms allow you to extend your company's market awareness, reach and influence. They also provide the opportunity to monitor and manage your business' reputation online and establish industry expertise. We assist your company with its social media marketing agenda and expand your brand recognition exponentially through Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Google Plus, integrated with targeted Facebook marketing techniques.


Email Marketing

Who are you reaching?

Email marketing remains as the most effective and functional way of advertising on behalf of your business. You may communicate with customers, prospects, followers and subscribers and market your services or products to a large receptive audience. We will greatly expand your email list and assist with your inbound marketing strategy.


We know you are busy. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and act as your VIP marketing agents.